Little Czech Lists!

My little Czech Lists are my reviews of some of the various TEFL Certification Courses in Prague. All based on the info I find on their own websites for the most part, though I will be looking for graduate responses anywhere I can find them.

See my final pick here

Little Czech List – LIVE TEFL Prague 

Czechlister’s Impression: “Eh…”

Little Czech List – TEFL Worldwide Prague 

Czechlister’s Impression: “I’m considerin’ it!”

Little Czech List – The Language House TEFL 

Czechlister’s Impression: “I’m excited to say maybe!”


Little Czech List – Language Corps 

Czechlister’s Impression: “Only if I’m desperate!”


Little Czech List – ITTT Prague 

Czechlister’s Impression: “Meh?”


Little Czech List – Smaller Earth/Hello Academies

Czechlister’s Impression: “Temptingly affordable…but not enough!”


Little Czech List – TEFL in Prague by EDUA

Czechlister’s Impression: “Not convinced!”


Little Czech List – Prague TEFL by Language & Training s.r.o.

Czechlister’s Impression: “$1600 is a hefty punchline.”


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