VIPkid Requirements & Equipment

Basic Requirements

To teach for VIPkid, you have to be a citizen or a resident of the US or Canada, have a bachelor’s degree (in any field), a minimum of one year’s teaching experience. If you don’t fulfill those (as far as I know), you don’t qualify. But don’t lose heart, as VIPkid is far from the only online teaching platform out there. I have heard of a few with differing requirements (such as ABCDada, 51Talk, iTalki, Cambly, PalFish, NiceTalk… and more!), so do some research and find out what’s possible!

And of course to teach online, you need…


A computer: desktop or laptop are fine, and recently an app has been released to teach on some tablets as well. What I use: my 2015 Macbook Pro (Retina Display) laptop
A webcam: built-in ones often suffice, but external ones can be purchased as well. What I use: the built-in webcam on my laptop
Internet: a stable connection is key! Speed is somewhat important, but a fast connection is no good if it’s unstable. What I use: UPC is my IPS, I have 100mb/s
Headset: You’ll need a microphone that cuts out most background noise, and earphones to prevent hellish soundscapes caused by the feedback of your students setup hearing itself (you’ll find a lot of students don’t have headphones). Comfy is a big plus if you teach longer than an hour or so at a time. A mute button is super useful as well! What I use: Logitech USB Headset H540
Classroom Basics: A quiet well-lit room, a plain or classroom-esque background, whiteboards and pens, ABC flashcards, and a handful of 2D printed/drawn props. That is the bare bones, but many teachers do a great job with no more. Some teachers go all out on the background and props, but you don’t have to. I also have a handful of props and lots of realia that I like to use, but it would be a whole other blog post to get into it all, so I’ll just mention my favorite: a handful of small stuffed animals – super versatile and kids of all ages like them.

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