VIPkid in Prague/Czech Rep

The VIPkid recruitment website does not list CZ as ‘approved’ nation, but myself and many others have applied and work from there. I never once hedged or lied about my location, and it’s never been an issue.

As far as legality, it depends on your personal situation of course, and I am not an authority on anything! But as far as I know, this work is covered under the Zivnostensky, as you are self-employed. If you want a monthly invoice to prove your income for a visa, you’ll have to submit a ticket to the company and ask for one, as it’s not something they normally provide.

Pay in USD

VIPkid pays in USD (which has it benefits), and you can still get paid to a Czech bank account as well – but be ready for fees. Once again, depends on your personal situation, but using my koruna-only Raiffeisen account I paid about 30Euros in fees (foreign transfer + exchange fee) for a single paycheck. So I switched back to getting paid to a US account as soon as possible, where there was no fee. It is cheaper for me to simply withdraw cash from an ATM, pay a minimal exchange fee, and then deposit that into my Czech account to pay bills. Other people I’ve talked to use sites like as well.

Europe Hours

Your hours here are pretty regular – Peak hours are 10AM – 3PM in our timezone, so that’s when the booking is hot (especially 1-3pm, also called “peak peak” times). You are able to schedule your availability from 2AM (China’s morning) to 4PM (China’s late evening). Though the earlier slots might not fill up (as students are usually in school), I open my schedule from 9AM-4PM and never have any issues filling up now that I have regular students.


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