Teaching & Traveling with VIPkid

Traveling and teaching is absolutely possible, and there is a whole community of travelling/digital nomad VIPkid teachers on Facebook with loads of useful advice. Additionally VIPkid offers workshops for teachers, and I attended the ‘Digital Nomad’ workshop – twice! Some top tips I gleaned:

– International SIM cards are best if you frequently change countries
– Backup internet connection is essential: either SIM card, or a roaming device like skyroam – or both
– Always arrange a private room, and Air Bnbs are suggested over hostels. Message hosts beforehand to explain your working needs, and ask for a screenshot of their wifi’s speed/ping test
-Carry a USB desk lamp, minimal classroom basics (whiteboard, ABC cards, 2D props), and a felt or paper background to put up behind you for a consistent classroom look (use command strips so as not to ruin any walls).
-Never schedule classes for your travel days, and give yourself a semi-consistent schedule to keep regular students (ex: never travel Tues-Thurs, try to arrive Sundays so if there are issues with your place/setup you can fix it on Monday).

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