Online Teaching & VIPkid in Czech Republic

Last I updated this blog, I was working through finding my stride teaching ESL in classrooms across Czech Republic and Slovakia. And now – I’m teaching a nearly dozen lessons a day (well, some days) from my basement flat in Prague. I decided to move my cat overseas to be here in Prague with me, and with that decision came the one to quit my last job – I couldn’t have a pet, travel 6 days a week for work, and have a clear conscience as a pet owner. (Yes, I am the kind of person who will change jobs in order to have their cat, apparently!)

My new gig is with the online company VIPkid, which is getting more and more popular these days – at the time of writing this, they recently announced a milestone, 20,000 teachers and 200,000 students!. More and more often I’m running into people in my little ESL community who are coworkers, and there is good reason for it’s popularity, I can confirm.. though of course, it’s not perfect and there are downsides (which I will talk about as well). But every job I’ve ever had so far has had some sort of downside, so no big surprise there. Let’s get into it – I want to share my experience, thoughts, and tips if you decide to pursue teaching online or applying at VIPkid.

What is VIPkid? Why is it so crazy popular?

Basic Requirements & Equipment

What’s it like teaching in Prague/Czech Rep with VIPkid?

Can I travel and teach?

Referrals: Is VIPkid a Scam/MLM? Why are so many people suggesting it?  



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