Is VIPkid a Scam (/MLM)?

Quick answer: Nope!

VIPkid is not a scam or an MLM.  I don’t know of anyone making a living off of referral bonuses. We all teach, and many teachers don’t do referrals at all. If you work for VIPkid, you can choose to never mention it to anyone ever and that’s fine. Or you can post flyers telling everyone how great it is and spend your nights fielding questions from applicants about the arduous interview process – your call. Teaching classes is a much easier, quicker, and more reliable way to make a paycheck. But as a bonus incentive, the referral system is pretty generous.

Referring a new teacher can be a lot of work and the bonus sweetens that enough for some, but not for everyone. The bonus amount is always changing, and at the moment it increasing exponentially depending on your number of successful referees, so the more people you bring in, the more you get for each one.

I am including my referral link in this series of articles, so clearly I am interested in that bonus. But I’d like to clarify to anyone thinking I’m pushing VIPkid dishonestly – it is not a prefect job, and I’m more than happy to tell anyone the downsides (see here). And if you do choose to use my referral link, please know you are welcome to send me an email or leave a comment asking any questions you may have! And if you haven’t used it, leave your questions anyhow! I’ve helped friends through the interview and mock lessons in real life, and I don’t mind helping you out either 🙂

At the moment of writing this article, I’ve helped two friends get hired on at VIPkid, and due to the twists of fate, I didn’t receive the bonus for either of them. One had already promised her referral to another person (in theory I helped her in exchange for some cat-sitting, but I intend to pay her for that anyway so really it’s free help, which is what friends are for!). The other accidentally clicked on someone else’s link and VIPkid told me they could not change who received the bonus, which was frustrating, but I am still glad my good friend is now my coworker. My point is, though I’d like to get a referral bonus, it’s still just that – a bonus. I’m writing this article for a few reasons, and the bonus is only one of them. I miss blogging, I want to update the Czechlist more often, to be able to look back through it and see all the changes I’ve made while here. And the other reason – I want to find (or create!) more VIPkid coworkers here in Prague – the more, the merrier! I would love to just have some more folks in town that I can connect with and discuss tips, or maybe we can have a prop-making party! I’ll bring the laminator 🙂

3 thoughts on “Is VIPkid a Scam (/MLM)?

  1. laurarisdall November 25, 2017 / 11:46 pm

    Thanks for your thoughts on this! I just started with VIPKID and the thought of helping someone else through that crazy process sounds exhausting since I’m still so new. I don’t think I’ll “go after” referrals, but if someone in my life is genuinely interested, I’ll help them. Good luck with teaching! Any tips for a newbie like me? I’ve been at it for 3 weeks, and my schedule is finally filling up, but still can only do trials. So tons of no-shows. 😦
    I’ve also written about my VIPKID experience so far at if you want to check it out!

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