One Thing at a Time

I find myself once again stuck in my chair, staring at my computer screen overwhelmed by over a dozen seemingly very important and pressing things I need to do, all right this second and if I don’t everything will fall apart! Of course, I know this isn’t true, but I do need to do *something* so I don’t completely fall to pieces. So, I am picking  up my old handy mantra in times of crises and anxiety – one thing at a time. One thing at a time is literally all I can do. Why don’t I try taking a deep breath? I think maybe I can handle that… *breathes*. Okay.

I suppose at the moment, my one thing I am doing is – finally – updating my blog. I have, in fact, much to my delight, arrived in Prague. I got here on Friday, and despite all the stressors mentioned above, am hit often with waves of sheer ecstatic euphoria – I have never been in a place so beautiful around so many corners. Just my minimal amount of touristing and I’m already mind-blown and can’t wait to go back out to explore on my own, ogle the pretty architecture and take a billion photos destined to collect digital dust, and a few to parade around my social media as if I am somehow able to capture the beauty of this place.

The view outside the grocery store because I am the best tourist ever
The view outside the grocery store because I am the best tourist ever

(….several hours pass in which I go to the store, the ATM, return home and eat a hastily put together meal of instant noodles with frozen veggies thrown in, almost as if I were back in my barren Austin apartment instead of my interesting new Czech flat….)

Okay, feeling less stressed now that I have some food in me. I know that overall I can handle this, especially when I think of myself in relative terms to all of the other people who have tackled these challenges before me, or even those who are doing so at same time as me. I might feel overwhelmed in the face of all the things ahead of me, but at the risk of sounding arrogant, at least I know that the others who have done the same or are doing the same now are no better prepared or equipped than I am (for the most part). We are all overwhelmed and stressed when faced with this onslaught of life changes all at the same time.

I think I’ll go back to what I know always helps me destress – a list, of course. The Czech List is getting a makeover!

So, things on my mind that I need to do, figure out, want to do etc:

  • my homework tonight – prepare an icebreaker/warmer to use with a group of pre-intermediate students on Thursday, to be rehearsed tomorrow
  • buy groceries so I stop eating out so often and save money
  • keep my legion family and friends back home and elsewhere appeased with proper amount of photos and messages i.e. managing my two social media accounts
  • visa visa visa visa visa (needs: zivno, health insurance, flat)
  • get a job (needs: resume, apply, interview, choose best option if possible, begin)
  • get Zivno aka business license (needs: flat, agreeable landlord or buy a business address)
  • find an affordable flat with my two newly agreed upon roomies (needs: lots of potentially intimidating research or fork over cash to real estate agent)
  • get health insurance (needs: money, some research)
  • stop feeling dizzy/lightheaded all the time (try pharmacy again with different cashier or see doctor or wait ’til goes away)
  • maybe get health insurance sooner rather than later to address said perpetual vertigo
  • learn more ‘survival’ Czech (starts tomorrow)
  • sign up for Czech lessons (no time no time)
  • write blog posts on visa/health/zivno/flat hunting to help myself understand what I’m doing
  • write poetry again (Haikus today were nice, maybe work them into lessons?)
  • explore the city more (I will just follow the other american students around for now, eventually I’ll get out on my own)

So that’s a fair number of things, not all are required of course but there are all still in my mind. I need to do my homework first, obviously. I put “buy groceries” on the list purely for the sake of being able to say, “One is already done!” so…. hooray, one is already done! I am ready to brown bag it to school tomorrow. Minus the brown bag, I forgot about that. Will just shove my lunch into my school bag to get crushed and squished into greater deliciousness, no doubt. After homework, i will take a shower and then I will get things ready for tomorrow and then I will let myself lay around in my pjs and screw around on the internet as desired until I can’t justify it any longer and go to bed later than I mean to. I think I mean to go to sleep by… midnight. That seems reasonable, right? Midnight sounds awfully late. I’d aim for ten but I know me and my night owl habits, and the notion is laughable. Eleven then.

Okay. Yeah, I can do that.

Czechlister is back, yall, and this time, I’m in the Czech Republic! I know it’s been awhile and this post is probably unnecessarily anxious and full of mundane details, but I am just trying to get back into the swing of things. Hopefully soon I will have some really exciting posts about flat hunting for you, as I’m to meet with my two roomies-to-be tomorrow evening to discuss.


3 thoughts on “One Thing at a Time

  1. Kimberly Watts November 17, 2015 / 3:07 pm

    I am looking at to moving to the Europe/Asia areas to teach English. I have been following you for some time now. Great to see you finally make it there in one piece. I see you mention your social media accounts, but I do not see where to add you at. Can you let me know so that I can add you. I would really like to talk to you about your job search, and do you recommend this area to English teachers. I would be interested in blogs about your actual job search as I have read it is very difficult for non EU Visa holders. Good luck on your job search. Thanks so much.

    Liked by 1 person

    • czechlister November 17, 2015 / 3:45 pm

      Hi Kimberley! You don’t see where to add me on social media ’cause I took down the links, but I’ll be putting it back up as soon as I figure out how I want to manage everything (or if I want to at all!). I will probably make a post about searching for a job, and though I’ve also heard it’s difficult for non EU visa holders, I’ve already met many people who’ve done it, so I know it’s possible! Feel free to send me an email ( if you have more questions, or post them here.


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