Just a lil late night sass

Disclaimer: Copious amounts of caffeine may have been ingested far too late at night before this post was written. You’ve been warned.

So after my preliminary investigation into my seemingly simple question “how much $$ to bring to get settled in Prague after my TEFL course” my conclusion is – bring as much money as possible. That’s the one thing everyone seems to agree on – more money is better. (I never would’ve guessed!) Right now it looks like I’ll have about 3 grand to spare, and that’s if my saving goes well the next six months. Some say this is a workable amount to get started, though things will be tight. Others expressed doubt over anyone starting out with less than 5 grand.

Regardless, I have a plane ticket in November and I’ll be damned if I miss that 17 hours in a comfy economy class seat over something as mundane and tedious as finances, when I know I can be resourceful and crafty, and make do with less than others require. All due respect to everyone, but yall don’t know me! (Ho boy, and the late night sass has arrived!)  If I manage to save more than 3k (and I have a few foggy ideas of how to do so),  great! But I’m not headed over there for a vacation, and a little hard work don’t scare me (though perhaps the current state of my grammar should). Sass aside, I do think it’s wise to plan for the worst, hope for the best, and also draft a conservative yet flexible budget for myself to stick to. Luckily, I’m already pretty good at budgeting. I live on human kibble and reward myself with mini-marshmallows when I’m hankering for a treat.

This is my life.
This is my life.

I’ve spoken with a number of people in Prague lately, as well as some former expats, and I’m feeling really good about my prospects. So many people have reached out to me – or warmly welcomed my reaching out to them – and been free with the advice and helpful hints. And no one sugarcoats the experience as perfect, but even with warnings aplenty about tight budgets and a visa process that is a tidal wave of bureaucratic red tape – I’m still left feeling more excited than ever! In some odd way, all the challenges are only making this move even more appealing to me. Overcoming obstacles only seems like another part of the adventure! And I’m happier than ever that I decided to start this blog, it has already helped me immensely in terms of preparation, and I’m still months away yet.

Another note – although Prague looms large in my mind, the past couple days I have been quite distracted doing research on a distant relative – Czech-Texas. I’ve known for some time that Central Texas (I live in Austin, for those of you who don’t know) is home to a great deal of Czech heritage. The popularity of Czech bakeries that are scattered across the countryside is only one testament to their legacy here.  I have some more research (translate: kolache tasting) to do on the topic of Czexans, but I predict a few blog posts on the topic!


2 thoughts on “Just a lil late night sass

  1. pickledwings April 3, 2015 / 2:05 am

    My cullinary advice to you, this is from an Albertan to a Texan, if you like big steaks and have high standards for the beef products you consume; you might want to start weaning yourelf off beef right now.

    Getting good beef, for any cooking purpose, in this country is next to impossible and very expensive when you can find the good stuff.

    There are a few well reputed beef specialist restaurants in the country, but they are expensive to visit.

    It’s very much a chicken and pork country.

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    • czechlister April 12, 2015 / 9:10 pm

      I already think beef is too expensive and rarely eat it – will make the adjustment easy! And I like chicken and pork just fine – lucky me 🙂

      I might have a nice steak dinner sometime before I leave though, just to say farewell!

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