Prioritizing never looked so good

Well it’s been nearly two weeks since I bought my plane ticket and I haven’t done a lick of research into my now-official upcoming life-altering move since that day. Mostly because I’ve been surprisingly busy with my current job, and by ‘busy’ I mean completely losing my mind and reaching stress levels never before seen by my typically slow-paced (did I say slow? I meant steady), level-headed self. The hurricane at my job isn’t yet over, but I’m coming to the eye of the storm at least and realizing that whether I’m crazy busy and stressed out at my job right now or not – November approacheth. It’s a looming cloud on the horizon, a giant sun-obscuring thunderhead rumbling with the promise of crackling lightning and echoing booms. Frightening and exhilarating, it’s my favorite weather, and I can’t wait to get there!

So I’ve made a tiny little step to keep myself on track, and checked my savings account. Two weeks later might seem a bit after-the-fact, but better late than never. I was happy to see that both transactions appear to have gone through without a hitch, so at the very least I have paid for something. So, I think a nice, small thing to take care of this week will be confirming with The Language House that they received the money, saved my place in the course, and that I get the 100-Euro discount off my final tuition. Also, I’d like to see if I can’t confirm with the two airliners that I have indeed paid for tickets on the respective flights I purchased, and make sure all that is in order.

So, just to break me back into the swing of things, that makes a nice little list to take care of this week. Two really small little tasks, hopefully that I won’t overlook in the whirlwind of running around that my job has become lately. Or ignore during my daily collapse into a puddle of still randomly firing, frayed nerve endings when I get home.

And after this week, I hope to really dive into The List itself, and start uncovering more details and information that will help me succeed in my endeavor to reach Prague in one piece, and stay there without sinking into abject poverty, and hopefully find myself in a brand new career that I can thrive in.

In order to help myself get into The List next week, I’m going to do a little re-arranging, and re-order the list items by priority. I don’t want to mess with their current order on The List page itself, as I think they’re in a sensible order for others to read, but in this post I’m going to re-arrange it in the order that I think I ought to do my research. Basically, what topics are going to be most vital and helpful in the long run.

Here goes! The List, scrambled into the order in which I think I should complete them. Plus some fun new additions! (…some more fun than others).

  • Airfare
  • Seed Money – how much? And what for?
  • Preparing for the visa process – what to do and when
  • Finding Some Czech-Texans to nag and bother with questions until I leave
  • Standard Teaching Wages around Czech Republic
  • Finding a Job (this topic will probably expand later)
  • What the hell am I going to do about my student debt? *NEW TOPIC!* (And not one I’m particularily looking forward to. May have further spin-off topics, such as “Selling Your Kidney in Czech Republic” or “How to Convince the US Gov’t that they owe you the money”)
  • What to Pack
  • Finding Housing
  • Health and Safety
  • Cost of Living
  • Prepping for a TEFL Course *NEW*
  • Transportation
  • Teaching Topics:
    • Teaching Kids vs Adults
    • Public vs Private Schools
    • Private Tutoring
    • Teaching During Summer
    • Teaching to Czechs
  • Life in Prague
    • Housing & Transportation
    • Cost of Living
  • Czech Language
    • The Basics for Gettin’ By
    • How to Move Beyond the Basics
  • Other Cities
  • Rural Areas
  • Czech Culture
    • Idiosyncrasies
    • Food!
    • Animals! (Pets and Wildlife) *NEW!*
    • Do’s & Don’ts
  • Sight-seeing
  • Travelling Outside of Czech Republic *NEW!*
  • Expat Life

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