A quiet evening at home in which I alter my future as I know it

I did it.

I’ve put my money where my mouth is, I’m backing up all the big talk and taking the plunge, etc etc – I spent two-thirds of my savings this evening and I’m floating on a cloud of excitement and holy shit is it terrifying up here, I’m up and down and my heart is in my throat, I love it, can’t get enough, and how am I going to sleep tonight when I have work in the morning? A job where no one even knows what I’m planning (…that’s another kink to work out – later, though).

I received confirmation of my bank account from PayPal earlier than I expected, and as soon I saw it went through, I immediately went to pay my 8200 CZK deposit (300 Euro/$335) to The Language House. All it took was a twitch of my finger – click! – and I felt the endless, flat horizon of my future in Texas siphon away into something else, something a little more uncertain and scary but with more colors and contrast – something a helluva lot more appealing to me.

Riding high on financial commitment (…does that phrase make me a total geek or what?), I decided I’d done enough dithering about, it was time to take care of airfare too.

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