My Pick of TEFL Training in Prague

Well, I did my homework – or at least, enough that I felt ready to finally set researching aside, and look at the information I’d gathered on the eight courses I’d reviewed. Once I looked at what I’d found as a whole, selecting which course to go with was easy.

I picked The Language House TEFL program, though it was a close one with TEFL Worldwide Prague for a while there. Both offered what I was looking for in regards to job assistance and the support of a community of alumni, but in the end it was The Language House that made an effort not just to contact me, but to answer my questions and make me feel comfortable asking more. If I can sense the feeling of community all the way over here, I have great confidence that this network of people can help me through making this mind-boggling change in my life. And I look forward to helping others as well, once I’m in a position to share what I’ll have learned.

The application process was simple enough, I just filled out a quick form on the website and received an automatic email requesting my CV and instructions on setting up a phone interview. But because I had already spoken with Emori, the director of the program, Chris, let me know that all they would need is my CV. I polished it up and sent it off, and fortunately having a bachelor’s degree is useful at times (whether it’s worth the twenty grand in student debt, I’ve yet to decide) and I was accepted readily.

They sent me a helpful brochure of information on what I need to do before leaving, and how they prepare students for the course beforehand. Additionally, Chris asks all the accepted students to add him on Facebook, and he told me this morning that he’ll be setting up a Facebook group for the November 2015 TEFL students, and I’m really looking forward to getting to know them early on and sharing my plan with them as well.

I’m just days away from paying the 300 Euro deposit with The Language House – the only reason I haven’t paid already is I’m waiting on PayPal to confirm my bank account first. I’m oddly anticipating the moment I finally slide over that chunk of my savings, as if paying the course deposit will make it real. The Plan, the List, all of this has just been talk up until this point. And as terrified as I am, I want to put my money where my mouth is and finally have something to show for all this research. An acceptance letter is good, a secured place in the course is better, and a plane ticket would be best.

…Speaking of airfare, that’s a topic for another post I think!


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