Little Czech List – Prague TEFL by Language & Training s.r.o.


Czechlister’s Overall Impression: “Amusing, but $1600 is a hefty punchline”

Course Dates:

November 16 – December 11 2015


1150 Euros

Accommodation Prices:


Shared appartment 330 EUR per person, per room
Shared appartment 460 EUR per couple in shared room

Price For Me:


Accommodation Details:

“2 single rooms in a 3 + 1 flat, with a fully equipped kitchen, shower and separate toilet. There is a living room connected to the kitchen, and 2 separate rooms. There is no TV and no washing machine. There are public laundromats in Prague. There is no internet, but there is wi-fi and computers at the school which opens at 8.00 a.m. with the courses start at 10 am. …The journey from the accommodation to the school takes about 30 minutes by public transport.”


Front page says: “the TEFL/TESOL Certificate course is fully accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education and is externally moderated by one of the most prestigious TEFL certification bodies in the world.”

…the link leads to their Course Validation page, which then says nothing at all about the Czech Ministry of Education, and only says provides the following certification:

TEFL International Certification

Accredited by: “TEFL  International is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious certificate providers with training centres in over 20 countries around the world. Each course is externally moderated by TEFL International head office to ensure the required standards are met.”

No links provided for reference or verification…

BUT then I found the “About TEFL International” page and the plot thickens! I found a nice description but not a single outside link. I get the weird feeling ‘TEFL International’ actually owns ‘TEFL Prague Language & Training’ and simply accredits itself from the “external” source of  Brian the moderator.

After all, it’s like they said themselves on their own Validation page, “there is no enforced  standard for TEFL certification; anyone can open a school and print out a certificate for a fee.”

Well put! Exactly why potential students should be careful and thorough when choosing a certification course.

Job Assistance:

“We have an extensive network of language school contacts in Prague, throughout Central & Eastern Europe, and our TEFL International network spans the globe. We can easily put you in touch with our sister schools in the 20 countries where TEFL International has a presence. During the course you will obtain:

  • Access to country-specific information on teaching conditions, living standards and key contacts
  • First-hand experience from your trainers about teaching in the Czech Republic, Italy, USA, UK, Spain, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.
  • An extensive list of language schools for the location of your choice worldwide
  • Information on re-locating overseas, e.g. what you need to know about visa and immigration affairs, setting up a business, working freelance, basic facts about taxation and health insurance
  • Contacts to real estate agents and affordable housing providers (for those staying in the Czech Republic and Central & Eastern Europe)
  • Access to teacher networking groups to foster your professional development in teaching”

There is also a “Job Guarantee” page that is completely blank. Perhaps a tongue in cheek metaphor about the insubstantial nature of such guarantees? Touché, TEFL Prague, touché.

Visa Support:

…the page is also completely blank. Metaphor is not quite as amusing as the last.

Course Hours/Details:

4 week course

  • Course Price page says: 120 hours, 12+ hours teaching practice
  • Course Overview page says: 130 hours, 6 hours teaching practice minimum

“Course Components:

  • Teaching Practice
  • Language Teaching Methodology
  • Language Awareness
  • Materials Assignment
  • Foreign Language Practice
  • Lessons Observations
  • Teaching Practice with Children”

Graduate Resources:

A page of video testimonials, no contact information provided anywhere.

Little things:

  • Free tea and coffee( !! ALRIGHT now we’re talking! …they didn’t specify any limits. How much free coffee are we talking? This could be the one y’all. This could be the one.)
  • Free breakfast during first day
  • Quick trip to Prague city center & dinner at the school on first day
  • General “Living in Prague” advice session
  • Plan of public transit in Prague


Well, lots of problems with this one, unfortunately. I could really use free coffee for a month! But the lack of external links, no graduate contact info, the odd feeling that they are certifying themselves, the 30 minute commute from the apartments to the school, the vague promise of job guidance foiled against the somewhat sinister blank Job Guarantee and Visa Support pages… no, no, no thank you.


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