Little Czech List – TEFL in Prague by EDUA


Czechlister’s Overall Impression: “Not convinced!”

Course Dates:

November 23 2015 – December 18 2015


1150 Euros ($1285USD)

400 Euro deposit ($445USD – part of overall price to be paid after application’s acceptance)

“Early bird offer: pay full course fee (900 EUR + accommodation) ($1005USD) now and enjoy huge savings. Offer is valid on all courses starting from July 2015. Valid only till 12/31/2015.”

Accommodation Prices:

350 Euros ($390USD)

Price For Me:

$1675USD or $1395USD with the ‘early bird offer’

Accommodation Details:

“Each TEFL trainee has his/her own bedroom (with provided bedding); only the kitchen and bathroom are shared.” 30 nights + 9 free extra, either before or after the course


IATQuO (International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organisations)

Job Assistance:

Job Guarantee –

“The job guarantee is based on the grade system for the TEFL course. TEFL in Prague by Edua Languages awards the following passing grades: PASS 1 (excellent pass), PASS 2 (good pass), and PASS 3 (basic pass), with PASS 3 being the lowest passing grade.

  • Those who receive a PASS 1 and are legally employable in the Czech Republics (are EU citizens or have obtained the work visa) will receive a full-time job guarantee with EDUA Group.
  • Those who receive a PASS 2 will be considered for a full-time position following the course, depending on current hiring needs, and will be offered employment upon a successful interview with the academic staff.
  • Those who receive a PASS 3 and those who do not pass the course have no job guarantee. However, we will give you at least a few tips what to do and how to kick off your teaching career in the Czech Republic.
  • Apply for one of the upcoming TEFL courses and you can secure a job as an English teacher already today!”

A little about the EDUA group:
“…the biggest private group providing complete education that aims to offer every customer the widest possible range of top quality education to meet their needs and wishes. ”

I wanted to know more, but the link to the EDUA group references appears to be broken.

Visa Support:

“We are here to help you with all the requirements so that you are eligible for a long-term visa on the basis of a trade certificate and can stay in the Czech Republic for as long as you wish. Assistance with visas is provided by our visa team directly and you can turn to us for help at any time or pay us a call directly in the building. No external agency, as our team is always at your direct disposal.”

Course Hours/Details:

4 weeks, 7-8 hours observed teaching practice

Course Syllabus

Graduate Resources:

Some brief testimonials with no contact information

Little things:

  • “Free Czech lessons
  • Map of Prague
  • Prague public transport card
  • Czech-yourself program
  • Extra 9 Nights Accommodations”


The price is reasonable – really reasonable with the ‘early bird’ offer – but I’d really rather not be limited to working for one particular school (the mysterious EDUA Group) that I know nothing about – and couldn’t even find more than a sentence or two about. Although one IATQuO accredited TEFL certificate may be as good as the next one, this school will not be offering the job assistance and networking with potential employers that I really want.

If they really want to sell me their course, they’d have to convince me I’d like working for them as a teacher as well as being their student. I’m not convinced!

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