Little Czech List – ITTT TEFL Prague


Czechlister’s Overall Impression: “Meh?” 

Course Dates:

16 November – 11 December 2015


$600USD Deposit + 1150 Euro Remainder

Total of: 1678 Euros, or $1910USD

Accommodation Prices:

300 Euros (and Up)

Price For Me:


Accommodation Details:

“You can choose between an apartment and a room in a pension. The apartment and pension options are the same price and offer relatively low cost…and are located relatively close to the TEFL training centre.”


Fort Hays State University

OTTSA (Online TEFL & TESOL Standards Agency)

Job Assistance:

Only two mentions of job assistance specifically – First I found in the FAQ under what the course fee covers, “This also includes course moderation, accreditation fees and lifetime job assistance.”

Second was in the Course Features listing, “We offer lifetime job support at no additional charge”

No details available about what ‘lifetime job support’ actually entails and how it’s implemented.

However, they do appear to have a fairly active Job Board for the Czech Republic as well as for pretty much everywhere else in the world.

Visa Support:

None mentioned

Course Hours/Details:

4 weeks 120(+) hours, 6-10 teaching practice

“The course is divided into six main areas:

  • Teaching Practice
  • Foreign Language Experience
  • Language Awareness
  • Student Profile
  • Teaching Techniques
  • Materials Project”

Graduate Resources:

Only potential resource I found was their facebook page with some video blogs from ITTT students. Still I could possibly find some ITTT-Prague grads if I looked hard enough, maybe.

Little things:

  • “We provide an airport greeting and transfer service in locations where it is possible
  • We include a welcome meal and excursions
  • Our training centres provide computer and internet facilities”


While they appear to be a legitimate course (so far as I could tell), I wasn’t too impressed by the website – very sparse on the details, a lot of generalizations and vague statements. While the job board seemed awesome, everything else felt lacking. Accommodations were described so vaguely they could be anything, the promise of job assistance felt nebulous, visa support couldn’t be found, the accreditation is questionable – and they want me to pay how much? No thank you!

…though I might be back to look at that job board. Just sayin’.

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