Little Czech List – The Language House TEFL

Czechlister’s Overall Impression: “I’m Excited to say Maybe!”

Course Dates:

November 16 – December 11 2015


1300 Euros ($1480 USD)

300 Euro Deposit ($340USD) – part of overall tuition, paid after application accepted

“If you sign up for a future course and secure your place within seven days of being accepted, you are eligible for the discounted month price of either 25 Euro or 125 Euro depending on the month. The further in advance you secure your deposit, the greater the discount. Ask us about current discounts, we might have specials going on”

Accommodation Prices:

Shared Apartment Two bedroom apartment with your own room.      *Shared Room in apartment €400
Private Apartment 1 person €650
Private Apartment 2 people €750(limited)

Price For Me:

$1765USD (possible discount, see above)

Accommodation Details: 

15 minutes from the school (by tram), Furnished. No wifi??


IATQuO (International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organizations)

Job Assistance:

“We are proud to say that we have a success rate of around 95 percent for our passing graduates in Prague and nearly 100 percent for Asia. The specific features that we offer in the area of ESL job assistance entail:

• Online graduate forums
• Partner ESL schools
• Worldwide recruiters
• Country Specific Information
• CV Preparation
• Guest Speakers
• Mock Interviews
• Graduate Network
• Letters of Recommendation
• Open House

Visa Support:

“Getting legal as non EU teacher is harder than it used to be in the past. We are completely on top of the situation and work directly with a visa assistance company, Easy Visa S.R.O., to make sure that all of our graduates have the ability to work and stay legally in the Czech Republic or abroad after their course.”

Course Hours/Details:

4 weeks, 130 hours (12-14 teaching practice)

“Main components of the course:

• Actual teaching practice with real students
• Teaching practice of a single student
• Acquisition of teaching methodology
• Language awareness
• Observation of experienced teachers
• Non TEFL related material
• Specific Categories of Learning

Actually having observed teaching with real students is the only way to improve in the classroom. For this reason we have doubled the industry standard of 6 hours of teaching practice to 12-14 hours.”

Graduate Resources:

Profiles with brief descriptions and contact information.

Little things:

“Airport pickup, 8 hours of survival Czech, tour of the city, arrival dinner and drinks, 24 hour course assistance, map of the city, complete access to all school facilities, internet pass or access at our school, a comprehensive teaching packet, an informational packet on Prague, closing ceremonies dinner party”


The website was well organized, informative, and had everything I’m looking for so far. I would want to find out if there’s wifi at the housing, what discounts I might be eligible for, and contact some graduates if I choose to consider this course. Lifetime job assistance is reassuring, and that they don’t appear to owned by a language school. Extra teaching practice hours is also really promising, and visa support as well! Most of all they were very professional and thorough, informative and realistic (no “job guarantees”). All in all, it’s far more promising than the last one and I’m considering it!


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