Little Czech List: Live TEFL Prague

Teaching English in Prague

Czechlister’s Overall Impression: “Eh…”

Course Dates:

16 November 2015 – 11 December 2015


1200 Euros ($1362USD)

Deposit: 300 Euros ($340USD, part of overall price, put down in advance)

Note to self: Possibly Investigate “Contact us for Early Bird Discount!”

Accommodation Prices:

Shared apartment Single room 350 Euros
Shared apartment with Kitchenette Single room 370 Euros
Private apartment Single occupancy 530 Euros
Private apartment Double occupancy 300 Euros

Price For Me (Tuition+Housing):

$1782 USD

Accommodation Details:

30 nights, Wifi, 15-20 min walk from school, Lightly furnished room and kitchen, self-service laundry. 3 Euros a day ($100USD for the whole month) will get you breakfast every day. Score?


“There is no official international accreditation body for TEFL certificates. The main guarantee of quality is the standards and reputation of the organization that provides the certificate.”

Note: Kind of true, as far as I know – but there are still a lot of accreditation agencies out there. I don’t care for this!

Job Assistance:

Job Guarantee” – “We offer a six-month, full time contract with salary guarantee to all LiveTEFL trainees who finish their course with Pass 1 (95%+ score). Teaching in Prague for us at SPĚVÁČEK Languages, one of the biggest Czech language schools, will make an excellent start to your TEFL career. All trainees receiving Pass 2: I “good pass“ (score between 80-94%) are invited for a job interview with SPĚVÁČEK Languages.”

Note to Self: Research SPĚVÁČEK Languages. While a job guarantee sounds nice, I might prefer to work someplace else.(Later discovered: SPĚVÁČEK runs this program)

Job Guidance“:

“When you graduate you will be equipped with a video resume and a ready-made demo lesson showing the best of your teaching that you can use at any interview anywhere in the world. All successful graduates receive:

  • ESL job placement tips for Prague and the Czech Republic
  • ESL job placement tips for the international ESL market
  • Reference
  • Further personal development tips”

Note: Doesn’t seem very well-developed. Tips is kind of a vague word. And how useful is a “video resume”?

Visa Support:

“If you are from the USA, Canada or Australia, you can stay, travel and study for three months in the Schengen Zone without a visa. If you want to stay in Prague, the EU or the Schengen Zone for a longer period, let us know BEFORE the course and we will organize the paperwork for you. We will send you a list of the documents we need to get you through the process.”

Course Hours/Details:

4-weeks (120 sixty-minute sessions) of four basic theory modules and teaching practice:

Graduate Resources:

Some testimonials, no contact info there. Further research warranted.

Little things:

Ride from the airport, a map of Prague. After course assistance with finding housing in Prague. A study resources page – might want to look into this to see if it’s actually handy or not.


Price is reasonable, housing seems okay – not so sure about the job assistance situation at SPĚVÁČEK. Further research warranted there. Visa support is very promising, but I imagine easier if they know exactly where you’ll be working. No mention of accreditation is worrying. If I consider this program I’ll definitely be digging deeper. But for now…

Overall, I give it a maybe if I can’t find something better.


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