About The List

Originally, The List is where I wrote down all the things I knew (nearly) nothing about and need to discover in order to make it to Prague in one piece – and stay that way. You will find most of my 2015 (all but one, in fact) where written from the wrong side of the Atlantic using entirely online resources to gather information.

However, now that I eat, breathe and sleep in Prague, I am able to share my personal experiences and insights with expat life and TEFL in Prauge to update the List. And as I uncover intel like the super secret agent I am, I will make blog posts sharing my findings.

The List is a work in progress, and I expect it will change as I learn more.

As I’m only one person, it’s possible, likely even, that my experiences are not representative of the expat experience in Prague as a whole. I can only write what I know, though, so if you spot any mistakes or generalizations you believe to be misguiding or outright erroneous, please let me know as soon as possible in a comment, or email me at elliottvbell@gmail.com, and I will address them as I see fit.


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